Pray Truth: Praying God's Word for the Hearts of Our Kids (PDF eBook)


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You know you should pray for your kids, but you don't always know how.


Like so many other moms, you find yourself praying the same things over and over again or you're just not sure where to start or what all to cover when you pray for your kids.


Or you forget. Life is so busy, and somewhere along the way, taking time to pray for your kids regularly has become another thing to feel guilty about because you know you should but you just can't get things together enough to do it.


But you can change your story.


prayTruth: Praying God's Word for the Hearts of Our Kids is a resource meant to jumpstart your habit of praying faithfully for your kids.

With 31 prayers covering topics like spiritual growth, character development, and living on mission, this PDF eBook will help you meet with God in prayer, bringing to Him some of the most important areas of your child's life.


Not only will this eBook help you develop a regular habit of praying for your kids, every prayer is based on and saturated with Scripture so you will know you are praying God's will for your kids. Plus, all Scripture verses are included each day for your reference and to dig a little deeper, if you'd like.


The most powerful thing you can do as a parent is to be praying for your kids. prayTruth: Praying God's Word for the Hearts of Our Kids will help you do that.


** This is a DIGITAL prodcut. **

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